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Power Horse

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Power Horse is a mineral horse supplement featuring intense antioxidant properties to flush your horse's body of any impurities. Use Power Horse as an anti-inflammatory agent to protect the horse's capillaries from the effects of laminitis. Power Horse works as an anti-toxicity and anti-arthritic treatment to keep your horses healthy and comfortable. Reduce pain caused by stiff joints and toxin build-up with this simple dietary horse supplement. You can increase the speed of hoof growth as much as 1.25 inches in just six weeks. If your horse suffers from poor circulation, use Power Horse to encourage sole growth and protect the Coffin Bone from touching the ground. Each scoop contains Humic Montmorillonite.


Administer based on a 1,110 lb (500kg) horse; for other weights, adjust the servings proportionately. To be given orally, preferably with hay.

  • First use period: Two (2) servings = 2 oz. (56.7g) a day for 20 days.
  • Long Term Administration: One (1) serving = 1 oz. (28.35g) or two (2) servings = 2oz (56.7g) a day as needed.
  • For horses with Laminitis: 2 oz (56.7g) twice a day and reduce the protein content of diet until horse recovers, then: as Long Term Administration.
Power Horse comes in one presentation of 6lbs. As with any other salt: Do not administer to horses with chronic kidney conditions.